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Dick drawings

2017-08-08 08:34:23 by Rennis5

Another one of my dick drawings made it onto a Funhouse video!

I stopped drawing the dicks because they were a little controversial, some people made a big deal about it and I didn't think it was very healthy to draw dicks all the time but in light of thier continued success maybe I should do some more dick drawing?

Too bad they had to blurr it so drastically but it's the Dr Manhattan dick



NG animated film?

2016-08-19 14:44:41 by Rennis5

If NG were to make an animated feature film what would it be about?

I'm looking for ideas to start writing a story and to see how far I can take this idea for a user created project,

also if you like this idea and would like to be apart of the project don't be affraid to comment or even PM me.

Heavy Metal Competition

2016-04-19 10:02:12 by Rennis5

Threadless are holding a competition for Heavy Metal Magazine!

This is really exciting, I'm a big fan of Heavy Metal Magazine, but I'm guessing this competition is going to be tough as balls, I'm still umming are arrring about entering.
First prize is $2000 cash, $250 threadless voucher, a 10 year subscription to Heavy Metal Mag and your very own artwork featured on the cover of the mag!!
and that's just for first place, there are also some runner up prizes, the comp closes on may 4th.

Also I've been sending personal messages to some of my favourite artists to let them know about it.
What do you guys think about this comp?
Do you guys know an artist this comp would be perfect for?
Do you think I have what it takes to enter?
Are you going to enter yourself?

Found art on YouTube

2015-12-12 19:32:19 by Rennis5

Hey guys I just wanted to share that a little while ago I found out one of my drawings was shown in a Funhaus video on youtube,
at about 6:35 they show my Terminator Dick cartoon, check out the video because their comments are pretty funny.


2015-06-11 07:05:29 by Rennis5

I just wanted to take a moment to express my anger about having some artwork pulled off DevianArt for depicting underage pornography, to which I take great offense.

I will keep this short because I added most of how I feel about this to my aurthor comments here on Newgrounds, here is the link

clearly I havn't drawn a young naked girl, rather a mature woman but DeviantArt's claim is that the character is more widely known as an underage girl therefore I cannot have this posted on their site, even if I attempt to make the character look older or explicitly say that the character is over the age of concent, I belive this be unruly censorship

but let me know what you guys think, have I have I done something wrong or is DeviantArt taking this to far?

Australia day :D

2015-01-26 00:04:08 by Rennis5

Today is Australia day on this side of the planet and I'd just like to take a moment to call upon any other Australians or anyone who loves Australia here on Newgrounds to come and checkout my most patriotic art piece on this special day



2015-01-19 01:50:40 by Rennis5


Just hit 300 followers, pretty happy about that.

Hope to many more to come.


2014-12-30 02:37:55 by Rennis5

Are smelly!

My Cool shirts

2014-11-26 15:25:47 by Rennis5

Hey guys Design By Humans has a great deal going
15% off and free shipping world wide,  just use the code FREESHIP15

I hope you guys like all of my designs :D


2014-10-06 12:15:20 by Rennis5

I'm bord, I can't sleep, anybody got any ideas they want for a shirt design, I am willing and able