NG animated film?

2016-08-19 14:44:41 by Rennis5

If NG were to make an animated feature film what would it be about?

I'm looking for ideas to start writing a story and to see how far I can take this idea for a user created project,

also if you like this idea and would like to be apart of the project don't be affraid to comment or even PM me.


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2016-08-19 15:26:46

Tom has to fight his evil clone, Fom Tulp

Rennis5 responds:

Not a bad idea for a villain.


2016-08-19 15:53:44

I could see something like Street Fighter Chode, where NG people are defending/saving Newgrounds from something.

Rennis5 responds:

Something like that would be great for a final fight, boss battle.


2016-08-19 16:56:51

Warriors of the Portal, epic edition.

Rennis5 responds:

Sounds good, it's gotta have action in it so warriors of the portal is a good concept.


2016-08-19 16:59:32

I'd almost suggest the Writing Collab thing we did last year, sure seemed epic enough, but I don't think it had the right cameos, or maybe enough of them to be representative of our membership. Could always re-write it and say it was based on the 20th anniversary collab.

All I know is, when the web was still an unruly and commercial free place, NG rose from the discord... and added to the miasma, with style!

Rennis5 responds:

I'd like to avoid having too many cameos, I don't really want to put other peoples characters into the story unless they want them in there.
I'd keep it a stand alone story and whoever wants to add something can add their own characters or creations.
Of course background Easter eggs are always a great option as well.


2016-08-19 17:57:02

tom has sex with pico

Rennis5 responds:

If enough people want to see that.


2016-08-19 18:05:17

Of course it would have to be about Josh Bedn

Rennis5 responds:

Didn't he delete his account?
I think all of the main characters should be original.


2016-08-19 19:03:30

saving the portal

Rennis5 responds:

I think that'd have to be the main plot, seems to be what most people want.
I'm thinking like a roger rabbit kind of thing, some simple investigations turns into a plot to destroy toon town (NG Portal) then maybe a montage leading up to a boss battle.
I dunno, that's just an idea.


2016-08-19 20:50:04

Protecting the portal from the flood of the Clocks.

Rennis5 responds:

I hate clocks so much!
No offence to anyone who does, sorry, they just annoy me lol.


2016-08-20 10:27:11

A sort of Die Hard esque flash animated adaptation of Picos School. Either that or some biopic of Tom Fulps life, and how he met all the popular staff to make Newgrounds (Stamper, Jeff, ect.)

Rennis5 responds:

Anything die hard esque would be fantastic.
I'd like to make it more about the users than NG royalty, it's a good premise but maybe for another project that could afford more attention, I imagine this project taking more of a animatrix approach to things, stand alone quality.


2016-08-20 13:00:06

I think it would have to be an eclectic film, there's over 15 years of history packed into this place. And lots of dick jokes.

Rennis5 responds:

I'd keep it a stand alone story to avoid complications.


2016-08-20 16:34:41

Tom should travel back in time to 1995 and tell his younger self, " DON'T DO IT! DON'T MAKE NEWGROUNDS!"

I think that idea is pretty noice m8

Rennis5 responds:

Just like the scene with the flash in batman v superman.


2016-08-21 11:22:04

Hmm maybe it's something like a sci-fi/fantasy story following a war, starting with the Tankmen and a bunch of allies aganst a dark 'internet coorporation' which wants to absorb and colonize the ...indie content...or something? I don't know; I'm just looking for a strange metaphor here, heheh!

I find it hard to settle on one particular main 'theme' at the moment; But thinking about the 'format', an 'anthology' comes to mind (in the sense of stuff like Heavy Metal or Robot Carnival) all segments with a common theme and symbols in some cases, but with different proposals and vision.

Rennis5 responds:

Yeah, maybe do it like sword art online where Newgrounds and the internet is in all in VR, like they did in that episode of Futurama.
I had to look up Robot Carnival but that looks really cool.

I think the theme could change as the main character moves alone on his quest, maybe visiting strange games and webpages, that could get really trippy and artistic.