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As I reflect back on my artwork these days I start to realise how much I let others influence myself and my artwork but I feel as though I've hit a point where certain things in life don't bother me anymore and it has changed my perspective on a lot of things.
Over the years I've intentionally made my artwork NSFW to chase view counts and comments and it has worked to a degree, although it has been fun most of the time I realise that I don't show my NSFW artwork to my family and some friends also the amount of creative and original content has stagnated, so at the end of the day I don't have all that much to show the people closest to me.
I definitley do not support censorship and I don't intend on stopping NSFW artwork altogether but I wish I had more creative and fun artworks.

When I was a kid all I drew was stuff like aliens, monsters, mutants, robots, ninjas, lots of sci-fi and fantasy, I still love all of that stuff today and I miss doing it, so I hope that some people see this as a message about their own artwork, don't let view counts and comments dictate what you do, do what you like doing and maybe once in a while go out of your way to click on an image that isn't M or A in the artportal, give some votes and comments to those guys because we can always use more creativity and community support for people who are doing what they love and not just trying to appease the masses.


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